The Arts and Crafts of West Africa’s Crown Jewel Ghana

As we all know that West Africa is rich in arts and crafts; and undoubtedly, most of its unknown yet exquisite treasures can be mostly found in the Western African hub of Ghana.

Ghana is unique in many ways. Ghana is well known for its music, culture, and cuisine; but unbeknownst to many, and just as deserving of recognition, is its fine tradition of local handicrafts. Ghana produces a large number of beautiful goods which are so unassumingly elegant that people are tempted to purchase them and take them home.

Handicrafts are colorfully patterned and painstakingly designed. Of course they don’t use a paint sprayer to design kente cloth – everything which is crafted there has some deep, resonant meaning. Furthermore, art is not done there for the sake of doing it – because they represent their ancient cultures and traditions.

Craft stalls are set around the country so that the visitors can see the wonderful crafts made by the craftsmen; you can purchase by just sitting inside your car. Street vendors are present everywhere and when you stop many vendors selling food, beverages, and clothing surround you.

Lastly, Ghana is also known for its open markets. There you can find beautiful hand woven textiles, old and new beads, brass works, gold jewelry, paintings, ceramics and wood carvings.

That being said, let’s take a look at 7 of Ghana’s most exquisite treasures that deserve a look.

1. Kente Cloth

Traditional weaving in Ghana is done by men of the Ewe and Ashanti tribes. Ewe work is famous for its animal, human and symbolic designs whereas Ashanti cloth is distinguished by its geometric designs. This cloth is colorfully patterned and looks very royal – and kente is taking the fashion world by storm.

2. Pottery And Earthware

Pottery in Ghana is simple and glossy. Color of the pot depends upon the type of clay used and glaze is common in all the pots. Traditionally pots are made by women but many men have also started to make pots. Pots are used for many purposes like prepare, cook and store food, etc.

3. Ornamental Beads

Beads are worn at special occasions which signify wealth and status. In Ghana, beads are very popular ornaments. They are made from many kind of materials like recycled glass, brass, bauxite, shells and seeds. All kinds of beads are available here.

4. Jewelry And Gold

Ghana has an exciting jewelry industry. Gold jewelry up to 22 karat is available there. Ghana’s handcrafted jewelry is very unique. You can also design your own jewelry and get that. They can also copy designs from magazine and pictures.

5. Exquisite Ghanaian Art And Paintings

Paintings can be seen in hotels, big domains, and resorts etc. for decoration. There are even many galleries in the world which display paintings. Artists make paintings and embroider them with beautiful designs. Artisans in Ghana make wonderful painting and display them on streets.

6. Adinkra Cloth

Andikra is a textile which is found in Ghana. This cloth is generally used during funerals and special occasions. Every Andikra textile has a symbol on it.

7. Solid Ghanaian Brass

Brass is another common craft in Ghana which is used to make other items. This item is originally formed from beeswax. The wax is moulder and then molten brass is filled in it. Then wax is removed and sculptures are made.

These are just some of the famous handicrafts found in Ghana – and are more than enough reason for you to take them home to your loved ones on your next trip to Ghana.