A Closer Look At Ghana’s Handmade Clothing Industry

For many women in Ghana, life can be hard and making a living can be even harder. Many career paths are traditionally closed to females, and with cultural expectations that women will be the homemaker and do all the household tasks including caring for the children, it can be difficult for women to support themselves. However, all of this is starting to change. There are now initiatives being put in place to help Ghanaian women to launch their own businesses and to earn their own money so they can become more independent.

One of these initiatives is Global Mamas.

Improving The Standard Of Living

The community of Global Mamas was first established in 2003. Made up of thousands of people all around the globe who work together to help Ghanaian women to improve their lifestyles, the company is on a mission to boost African families’ health and happiness.

The brand is centered around selling handcrafted, entirely unique, high-quality products. The local women are able to carry out traditional work which they enjoy and excel at, and they are empowered and rewarded by their own financial independence. The products that they make use authentic techniques and maintain their local artisanal skills like bead-making, batking and Shea butter making.The women who sell their products with Global Mamas can support their children, sending them to school and getting them the essential healthcare they need while also managing to save for their own future.

The Global Mamas Community

The Global Mamas community is composed of Ghanaian women who make beautiful traditional products, international interns and volunteers who help train the women, employees who oversee the production and deliver customer service and donors who help to support the program’s expansion. Of course, that isn’t forgetting the customers who buy all the products and keep the company afloat!

The women who make the products themselves are wives, mothers, sisters and grandmothers who also happen to be leaders and entrepreneurs within their own communities. Overall, there are almost 350 producers across seven communities. Information about many of the women can be found on the company’s own website so that shoppers can find out more about Ghana and the region in which the item they purchased was made.

Since Global Mamas was launched, the women involved in the community have achieved many things. They have been able to buy new equipment, help their children to get through school and university, open their own shops, build their own homes and achieve a higher quality of life all around. In a culture where women are often seen as inferior, Global Mamas has given Ghanaian women a sense of self-worth that has been hard to find in the past.

The Global Mamas Store

The Global Mamas store was first launched in 2008, furthering the company’s mission to help Ghanaian women to boost their living standards and to increase their dignity by selling their handcrafted clothing, accessories and decorative items. The store sells a huge selection of batik prints and products all made by hand by local women. Shoppers can find beautiful unique gifts suitable for all occasions and can also find lovely touches for their home as well as stylish clothing.

In fact, Global Mamas is proud to offer the country’s biggest range of Fairtrade products which include accessories and bags, home decor, skincare products, jewelry, books, cards, ornaments and pet accessories. Their clothing ranges are especially popular, they have a beautiful charm and style that set them apart from anything you could buy on the high street.

The Future Of Global Mamas 

Global Mamas remains fully committed to creating even more jobs and to adhering to Fairtrade practices to ensure every woman within the community receives a regular, living wage. The brand is also committed to empowering the local women by encouraging them to take part in product development exercises and organizational decisions. With a strong network of interns and international volunteers, Global Mamas gives the women hands-on personalized training so they can hone their skills and improve their abilities to make quality products, to manage their own business and income and to improve their own and their children’s health.