The Different Types of Cloth and Clothing Made in Ghana

All over Ghana, you can find numerous traditional and expert weavers who make various clothing and decorative products. If you want to spice up your everyday wardrobe, a top or a scarf wove by Ghanaians can definitely make a difference. So, if you are thinking of going on a trip one day, why not go to Ghana and take pleasure in the country’s rich and thriving local arts and handicrafts culture?


Kente Cloth

Look into getting yourself a shirt or skirt made of Kente cloth. A type of cotton and silk fabric that is made by the ethnic group called Akan from South Ghana, Kente cloth is an important type of cloth that used to be only worn during important events by kings. Today, it has become widespread and is used to make a wide variety of clothes. It comes in different colors that signify different meanings. For instance, a black Kente cloth represents a high level of spiritual energy, a gold one stands for wealth and royalty, a silver one for purity and serenity, and a purple one for femininity.

Gonja Cloth

A traditional product from the people of Ghana’s Northern Region, Gonja cloth is a strong and sturdy type of cloth made by sewing together vertical strips of cotton cloth to make one large one. Throughout Ghana’s history, the Gonjan people are known for their exemplary hand weaving skills, and their Gonja cloth is considered to be the most original and authentic product of African cloth weaving. To make Gonja cloth, the locals pick cotton balls and process these by their own hands to get rid of the seeds and to transform the balls into thin, fine fibers. And then, they spin those into threads with the use of their hand-made spindles. The threads that come out are wrapped around wooden sticks until about four pounds worth of thread are made. The threads are now ready to be dyed and woven into cloth to make curtains, bed sheets, table cloths, and more.

Adinkra Cloth

Only spiritual leaders and royalty used to be able to wear clothing made of Adinkra cloth. This type of cloth is a special type of fabric that is hand-woven and is available as dyed, undyed, printed, and plain. These days, it is worn by more people, especially that it now comes in more colors, including brightly colored ones.