Kente: A Real Ghanaian Treasure Taking the World By Storm….

The Kente cloth is one of the most recognizable fabrics in the world. It has a history that originates from Ghana as it was created and weaved by Asante and Ewe people with specially created and designed looms. The Kente cloth is synonymous with Ghana and acts as a visual representation of the country’s history, struggle for independence, culture, ethics, as well as religious beliefs. The symbolic significance of the cloth is important to the Ghanaian people, with each color included in the design pattern representing meanings that are applicable to the local people. Because of globalization and the prevalence of the internet, the Kente cloth has become popular among international consumers and fashion designers owing to the richness of the fabric and its widespread availability.

Ghanaian Kente cloth is one of the truly versatile handicrafts that can be truly considered to be one of Ghana’s most famous exports – and here are 5 inventive ways it has been, and can be used in all sorts of preparations.

1. Jazz Up Your Interior Decor

Because the Kente cloth is extremely colorful, it can be used in various instances to decorate the interior of a room or as décor for a traditional African event. Detailed and exquisite fabrics such as the Kente cloth have been used for years by designers to add a pop of color and some freshness to a room. A space can be filled with furniture and other important Knick knacks, however, without the right fabric, it can look bare and sterile.

2. Kick Up Your Upholstery Game Up To 100%

The key to achieving a comfortable and relaxing environment lies in finding the right upholstery for your sofas, bed covers and even drapes. With the Kente cloth, you can achieve the right ambience and desired look. When using the Kente cloth, it is important to keep in mind the general décor of the household to avoid instances of décor clashing.

3. Incorporate Kente Into Your Artwork

Until more recently, artists were forced to create their masterpieces with traditional components such as wood and stone. However, in the 60s, more and more artists begun creating sculptures and installations using ornate fabric like the Kente cloth, rejecting the weight of creating traditional sculptures with traditional materials.

4. Incorporate It In Your Apparel – From Bags, Dresses, To Shoes

The most common use of the Kente cloth is the production of apparel such as clothes, bags, and even shoes. Kente inspired fashion has become common and more accepted especially by Africans living abroad. It allows people to display their culture and Ghanaian tradition everywhere they choose to be – or simply to just display something awesome that tells a very interesting back story that will impress your friends with your cultural knowledge.

5. Wear It On Special Occasions

According to Ghanaian tradition, the Kente cloth was created for wearing on special occasions. The fabric was never created to wear on ordinary days. Occasions such as weddings, graduations, circumcision rites or ancestral remembrance ceremonies are perfect for wearing the Kente cloth.