Six Excellent and Exotic Gift Ideas You Can Only Find in Ghana

Ghana has excellent crafts and goods handmade and traditionally designed that make for great gifts. With street vendors and open-air markets, craft shops and malls, it is easy to buy wonderful and useful items from the renowned craftsmen. These gifts are unique and locally made; an indigenous piece of Ghana that is an excellent gift for your loved ones.

1. Uniquely Designed and Handcrafted African Clothing

A dress of African design and with African prints is a great choice for your lady friends and relatives. The African textiles and prints are also adorned on purses and shoes and these are excellent gifts for anyone who would appreciate a touch of African class on their clothes and accessories. Cloths such as Kente cloth which is bright and hand woven, Adinkra cloth, a hand stamped cloth with monochrome symbols representing traditions and Gonja cloth, a white and indigo-dyed cloth all make beautiful dresses, shirts and other types of clothing.

2. Authentic Ghanaian Jewellery

Unique African jewellery made from beads and cowrie looks really good and makes for an excellent gift to loved ones. You can also get gold jewellery in African designs after all being in Ghana means you are in the former Gold Coast, a country known for being the 2nd largest exporter of gold in Africa. Beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets are also available.

3. Painting and Handicrafts

Canvas paintings, intricate carvings, drums, beads, and other souvenirs that speak of a great African culture are also another great gift idea. There is a wide eclectic variety of handcrafted artwork. Ghanaian paintings by gifted painters such as Nanoff and Korkor Kugblenu are beautiful and unique gifts. Other handicrafts include beautiful sculptures, Ashanti male and female stools (the male has straight legs and the female has curved ones), Akuaba fertility dolls, indigenous masks and exquisitely carved coffins.

4. Shea Butter, Black Soap, and Natural Oils Straight from the Source

Ghana is also known for its natural beauty products that are great for the skin, hair, and body. These include Shea butter, African black soap, moisturisers, chap sticks and natural oils. These are great gifts especially for natural product enthusiasts.

5. Some of the Best Chocolate You’ll Ever Have

Ghana is also famous for its cocoa production and is one of the main suppliers of cocoa to chocolate companies such as Cadbury’s. Getting a bit of cocoa to use in your recipes straight from the source is a meaningful gift idea. You can get high quality chocolates, choco cream, choco butter and cocoa powder from markets and street vendors. Trust us, nothing is better than a freshly-made block of Ghanaian cacao purchased straight from the market a few hours after it’s been made. Nonpareil!

6. Music

When you visit Ghana, enjoy the local and traditional music and dance and buy musical instruments as souvenir gifts. The instruments used in Ghanaian music include drums, xylophones, string instruments, gankogui (a gong), axatse (rattles) and calabash – that’s not even including yet the many hidden gems of Ghanaian afrobeat, funk, and highlife music – there is always a treasure trove in the streets of Accra for some vintage, extra-funky, and soulful Ghanaian music!