The Body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit

“If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” (1 Corinthians 3:17)

The basic and fundamental law of the human body is that of our finite bodies are bound to break down and deteriorate through disuse and misuse.

On the other hand, the cardiovascular system, as well as our skeletal and muscular systems that are shocked and worked over through exertion and physical activity grow in strength and expand in capacity – which we can then tie down to our personal spiritual and mental growth as disciplines that are interrelated. Thus, many of the truisms that apply to the benefits of exercise and physical activity to the body typically apply to that of our spiritual discipline.

Now, in Ghana we have our local clothing, the soap that we’re known for, and many other sorts of beauty products. But even though we’re so obviously beauty minded, we tend to neglect the physical part, and that needs to change.

The Interrelation Between Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our lives are not just governed by the same precepts – they are also inseparable by virtue of a person not being able to reach the greatest potential he can muster without continuous support, constant training, and constant balance with the other aspects.

For instance, many of us couldn’t minister to as much people as we want to due to the lack of fitness our lifestyles tend to be attracted to. No amount of wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual discipline can build up a person’s physical fitness if he doesn’t exert himself to the level that his or her body needs.

The Importance of Discipline

Thus, the importance of physical endurance and strength can never be underestimated nor separated from day-to-day living as members of one body. You can virtually be too exhausted to perform any functional or productive activity if you do not force yourself to become active.

Furthermore, you open up your body to a host of health issues and illnesses when you forgo exercise as an integral part of your life – just as you would when you let your guard down on your spiritual and mental disciplines.

Only vigorous exercise can improve our cardiovascular endurance – and guarantee our bodies’ oxygen-carrying capabilities at peak function and level. The interrelation among the cardiovascular system is just the same as the interrelation between the three aforementioned aspects of a person’s life.

For instance, inactivity will affect the capability of how the body delivers oxygen to the vital organs to keep functions going – in doing so, lungs become inefficient, and therefore weakening the heart and the vessels that deliver oxygen everwhere. The results, as we all already know, are absolutely fraught with disaster no matter which way you look at it.

Why We All Should Strive for Physical Fitness as Members

A good exercise regimen can bring about not just rehabilitation, but can improve levels of mental and personal happiness all throughout our lives. The newfound energy that constant exercise and fitness promotes improves our self-confidence and the ability to chill and relax and confront the problems that we face everyday. This isn’t an old wives’ tale we’ve already heard a million times before – this is backed with science and with predictable, consistent results.

In order to lead a life that is fit to serve the Church, you need to keep fit – fortunately, it is easier now than it has ever been for us to remain so.